Pride of Copenhagen…

ImageThere’s beauty in the grotesquery. I love this photograph – part of the Advocate’s Report on protests against an equally grotesque policies of legalized discrimination (and worse) against Russia’s GLBT community see the Advocate article it HERE. We’ve been here before with these sorts of laws – not unexpected in “third world countries” where we brush away the evil as “backwards”, or based on tribal “superstitions”. Apparently that will get you a pass. But how will we justify it now? When it’s a European neighbor, host of the next winter olympics? It should scare and offend us all – regardless of nationality, orientation or age.

Europe of the thirties and forties is not so far past that we can ignore the lessons paid for with our nation’s blood–penance perhaps, for turning a blind eye to the policies and laws that Hitler swept into place in the face of an indifferent citizenry and world body.


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