Buried Treasure….

So this morning I was going to write when I got hijacked by the latest round of promo work for our release of Prodigal Wolf.

I’m way behind on a short story for an anthology with a theme of “First Kiss”, and the one I’ve been working on got derailed by the suicide attempt of a friend. I suddenly found myself starting a new story set at a funeral. (Hot, right?)   I attended a recent writers conference where someone summed it up this way – all stories are either about a beginning or an ending. I guess I took that literally – my working title for the piece is “Last Kiss”.

None of this relates to the attached photo except in the randomness of my brain – I love a treasure trail on a man…(not quite as sexy on a woman, but it’s a personal taste thing for me…) but on a man – well, I’d follow one forever.


Word association and lack of coffee being what they are, that led me to buried treasure – the  white band of underwear, the faded creases in denim, the metal button beckoning us on… all are lures to dig deep. To search relentlessly for that thing which is hidden. For my character – it’s enlightenment.  In the case of the jeans…

In my story, the reader can only watch as the main character peels away the layers of confusion and regret that separates him from an answer to the only question there can be with a suicide–yet the “why” is unknowable. All we can hope is that when the final shovel of dirt is moved, what we’ve dug up has value, and that along with enlightenment we also find solace. – LE

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