When there’s just no time for pants…

I had a different blog post in mind this morning. I have this fantastic quote to share. Nietzsche. He’s brilliant. Twisted a bit, but aren’t all the greats? Here, check it out and then I’ll tell you all about pants and how my best laid plans got derailed:


See? Great. And maybe it applies more to my morning than I first thought … because I danced without pants in order to get TheGirl from unconscious, to out the door, in 13 minutes. Literally.

It was a ballet of bread, a cha cha of greens, a rhumba of avocado on toast. And as I surveyed the debris left in the wake of her timely departure I noticed the french press – full of steeped beans just waiting for a plunger to waltz over and make its dip- the plunger still waiting to be rinsed in the sink. That’s when I realized that we weren’t the only ones in this house tap dancing this morning.

It’s quiet now. Still haven’t made it to the fully “pants-on” stage, but I have an entire pot of coffee to myself and a day of writing and friends ahead of me. And since we only have time for one last tango together, I thought I’d leave you with these pants-less moments: Image

I hope you dance with joy today.


btw – these photographs are the work of wonderful artists. I wish I knew his or her name to give proper credit for their work and the work of their models and to get their permission to post these. If they are yours please let me know so I can acknowledge you or remove them as you prefer. Thank you. – LE

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