On Criticism, the latest review of Prodigal Wolf, and why i might owe George R.R. Martin an apology…

This morning the latest review of our recent release, Prodigal Wolf, is out – and I have to say it’s extremely fair. I liked it a lot. I even like the criticism, because as an author I was in agreement with some of it – and on other things I just wanted to say – “but wait, you’ll understand when you read book two …”


Prodigal Wolf released August 16, 2013 by MLR Press

But honestly, a book has to stand on its own feet. It has to be meaningful to the reader when it is read. Especially when book 2 is still a work-in-progress. 

I’ll post the link to the review – however this was the conclusion that strikes at the heart of the matter:

Overall, I enjoyed the novel.  While I gave the book a three star rating, most of that is because this was just the beginning of the story and I was not satisfied with the ending.  I would have rather just had the story of the werewolves and kept the main story going.  But, I did not write this book, did I?  So I will just trust that the authors have a plan and their pace is slower than my impatience.”


Our inspiration for Carlo Montefiore in Prodigal Wolf by LE Franks and Sara York

Inspiration photo for Angelo Dante in Prodigal Wolf by LE Franks and Sara York

The stuff of nightmares.  Where is book two? I remember one of the line editor’s comments went something like – “there are several unanswered questions in the ending, I assume that we’ll see book two shortly.” –gulp. 

I’m sorry I ever dissed George R.R. Martin for his lengthy delays between publishing installments of his Game of Thrones series (though not for his choice in cutting out half the story lines and then delaying the follow up book).  For the first time I truly understand the risky nature of publishing a series.

I see pitchforks and torches in our future if we fail to deliver on the promise in book one, but for us, there really isn’t any choice. The main story arc between Carlo and Angelo demands time to develop; so now we’re strapped into this roller coaster ride we call Wolves and Waves, and we can’t get off until we’re finished.  And just for the record… we will, you can count on it. – LE

Bea’s Hive Romance Book Reviews: Prodigal Wolf by LE Franks and Sara York



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4 Responses to On Criticism, the latest review of Prodigal Wolf, and why i might owe George R.R. Martin an apology…

  1. Siobhan says:

    Yeah, I think JK Rowling might have had the right idea in writing the books ahead of time so that she could drip feed them to us Potter addicts at perfect intervals!

    • lefranks says:

      Exactly! Live and learn. As a writer the last thing you want is to rush the work – at the same time foot dragging is not an option if you want to maintain trust with your readers. -LE

  2. Bea says:

    I admit it! I am always impatient for serial books. I remember when the Sword of Truth books came out (Terry Goodkind), I was lucky that I found them AFTER the last of the 12 books were published! Imagine waiting 12 books for the end of the story?

    I hope we can get a conclusion in less than that? 🙂


    • lefranks says:

      Hi Bea! Don’t worry Sara & I have book 2 underway and fully plotted out. It’s much more involved since we have to deal with the trouble that follows Ted to SC, and of course getting the idiots to work together. I hope everyone will also be happy to see Kevin & Grady get pulled back into the madness of our wolves. With any luck it won’t take the full 12 years! 😉 -LE

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