wip wednesday…. a little snippet from 6 Days


this beautiful shot is not mine – I don’t claim any rights to this, except perhaps to share it with others.

The man on the floor was hard to ignore. If I got up now, I’d be stepping on him — not that I planned on leaving anytime soon. It wasn’t every day a man fell at your feet, much less one of the pretty ones. I squinted in the dim light of the bar to get a better look– his strawberry blonde hair was disheveled, uncovered now that the ball cap he’d worn into the bar was resting against the chrome leg of my barstool. He stared up at me with eyes like some cartoon character from a Looney Tunes classic. Comically huge saucers of Arctic blue overwhelmed a nose too pert for a man, his rosy lips forming a perfect ‘o’ of shock and surprise, completing the picture, as he lay stunned.

I’d watched the cap spin merrily away as he landed face first onto the industrial grade carpet, and winced — not in sympathy for the blow to his face, per se. No, it was due to the knowledge that Fat Boy Newman had thrown up on that exact spot the previous day. – LE

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