cowboy tossing 101

Some of the hottest action I’ve ever read between the pages of a novel, has come from that last bastion of fiercely independent testosterone – the Cowboy. Iconic and unrepentantly hot–just the tangling of wranglers, worn boots, and oversized silver buckles sends my pulse off the charts.

Overactive imagination aside, I personally haven’t written any cowboys–I’m saving that treat for a special story. But in the meantime, I feel I owe it to my future readers to get in as much research as possible. …. so tonight I’m heading into the wilds of Oakland for a little professional bull riding…


Ride ’em cowboy! He looks hot, if slightly impractical … and all those ropes. Gives you ideas. Neither the model or the photos are mine. If they’re yours, please give a shout out so I can acknowledge you properly.

It’s an official PBR event (though around my house we call it ‘cowboy tossing’ and root for the bulls), but unlike the rodeo of my dreams this one is in an indoor arena. I’ll miss wandering around a checking out the livestock, kicking up dust and sidestepping the horse apples … but maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll still spot a real cowboy — even if he’s just standing in line for the garlic fries and beer.


Beautiful form. Wonderful shot. But it’s not mine. Please let me know if it’s yours, it’s just great.

Research. Gotta love it.   -LE

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