Unrepentant joy… and the 5-star review…

So last week I was exploring the idea of criticism in the face of a mostly positive, but fair review of our book Prodigal Wolf, co-written with Sara York (see the blog post here).

But today we were greeted by that holy grail for authors everywhere-the glowing 5-star review. Even The Novel Approach’s title of this review makes me swoon:

Bring This “Prodigal Wolf” Home With You


( We’re ignoring the naysayers.)

It’s a great gift to find a reviewer who embraces your story telling and has enough faith to trust that we’ll bring them home in the end.

And while you’re lingering over your coffee… or beer, in the case of my East Coast friends, here’s another look at our beautiful cover:


 cover by artist Jared Rackler



oooh, since we can’t have him, you might as well join me in one or more of the following ways:

The Novel Approach – 5 Star review of Prodigal Wolf by LE Franks & Sara York

The Novel Approach – Guest Blog Post by Sara York & LE Franks on writing Prodigal Wolf

Email: LE.Franks.Books@gmail.com

Website:  LEFranks.com

Twiiter: @Boxtersushi

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