Day Three Without Coffee….

Day Three Without Coffee....

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4 Responses to Day Three Without Coffee….

  1. Watch Alex Go says:

    How’s it going? I’m on day 1…..

    • lefranks says:

      Day one was hell for me… of course i’m also doing a three day juice cleanse so that didn’t help matters. Day 2 was perfect. Day 3 I’m awake a couple hours earlier than usual and hot water & lemon is just adding insult to injury because i can still smell the coffee….and there’s a nearly full french press sitting on the counter mocking me.

    • lefranks says:

      Day 9. And I’m finding myself drinking things with spinach and beets in them. At least with the mint tea I can look myself in the eye, in the mirror. Sadly, am feeling great. Miss coffee desperately. LE

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