Wip Wednesday…. Snow Globe

I’m working on my edits for my Christmas short story, part of Dream Spinner’s annual advent calendar offering.

Here’s a little excerpt from Snow Globe…

It was the face pressed against his storefront window that first caught his attention.

“Pressed” might have been too delicate a word. “Mashed” is better, Kris thought idly, admiring the spread of pink skin sticking to the glass before his brain latched on to the thought spinning and tumbling at an increasingly alarming rate.

The litany of words shoved their way to the tip of his tongue, rushing to spill over and out of him in a waterfall of frothing adjectives: smushed, squashed, scrunched, crunched, crushed, squished, pushed, flattened, pancaked…. He’d barely been able to throw on the brakes, limiting the torrent to a barely audible whisper until the words dribbled to a halt.

Crap. It had been weeks since the last time he lost control of his own peculiar form of Tourette’s.

He looked around the tiny store to see if anyone had noticed, but was quickly drawn back to the spectacle outside. The little voice teasing at the edges of his mind suggested a few more words that he ruthlessly rejected, fully alert to the insidious nature of his own brain. The person outside was an impossible mélange of old and young, tiny and broad, all brown and pink and white and fluffy red. Was that a scarf and hat?

Pompoms in July seemed off to Kris, and the noise came rushing back—odd, unusual, unexpected, surprising, strange, weird, astonishing, peculiar…. Gasping, he stuttered back a breath, choking in the words and squeezing eyes shut tight.

2012-12-10 19.40.57

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