Coming or going…

Only days to go until I leave for Atlanta.


It’s the annual Gay Romance Literary Retreat (my second) and this year I’m going early to meet my writing partner and to take advantage of serendipitous timing to volunteer at Atlanta’s Gay Pride event. Ten days away. Which means planning and preparing. I have jobs to cover, final edits due before I leave, I have to remember to bring everything I’ll need for the second book in our series, and drag out grown up clothes that often require small things like shoe repairs, and dry cleaners.


I have clients who’ll miss me, and a big birthday at home the night before we leave – so of course I got everyone tickets to see a rock concert that will go late. And then there is my bizarre fetish to grab the first flight that leaves the west coast. Every time. If I was smart I’d have them drop me off at the airport before they go home.

But all of those are just things. And the one thing I can count on is that whatever happens once I land, will be perfect. This collection of writers and readers are among the most generous and supportive around. The very nature of our chosen genre demands the kind of inclusion and openness that seems to leak out of the pages we write and infect us all. Peace, love, and understanding… and a good dose of angst thrown in. What could be a better way to spend ten days?

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