Pride of Atlanta – Gay Romance Literary Retreat…

Dedicated to the beautiful Nicole.

It’s been wild ride. From last Friday’s pre-dawn flight from SFO to ATL, to Pride weekend at Piedmont Park. And now, a few blocks and a world away to the GRL2013 conference with 400 authors and readers.

I’ve been trying for days to find a quiet moment to post pictures or thoughts. From the profound to the profane. And that moment is not now, but here are a few shots from the weekend’s pride events. Here are some photographs from Saturday’s event in Piedmont Park. Thank you to all the wonderful people who let me use their images here. I think I’ll remember them for years… LE



Zeno & Shanice - Atalanta Gay Pride

Zeno & Shanice – Atalanta Gay PrideRob - Atlanta Gay Pride

Rob – Atlanta Gay Pride




Keaton & Reuben - Atlanta Gay Pride

Keaton & Reuben – Atlanta Gay Pride


The beautiful Nicole Hart.

IMG_5437IMG_5389IMG_5433 IMG_5476IMG_5466

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