Head Above Water?

November has just about killed me, nipping at my achilles like wolves in for the kill. 

Really, I’m to blame for stacking these obligations one on top of another.  And they’re all great, fun even–if  viewed through a single lens–but in total they’re enough to snuff out any life left in my creativity and enthusiasm.


So yesterday I powered through five novels – finalists for the Rainbow Awards and the last of my time sensative commitments. I sent in my scores before midnight and my relief… exquisite.


And then this morning I was reminded that Sunday I’m hosting a large work party for our local ballet school. Including food. Apparently tomorrow will be busy. Kill me now.


But after that. I swear I’m done. (Until it’s time to make the Pie).

So, in closing, can someone please take a note and remind me next September to JUST SAY NO?  -LE

btw my Christmas Short “Snow Globe” is releasing December 1 through DreamSpinner Press and all the normal channels. Apparently I should be doing promo work now. I’ll add it to the list. 


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