Thinking of Eric and TJ … and the epic quality of Love.

Today is a game changer in the lives of two men, their families, and the huge community of friends, readers, and authors that share a love for them…

Eric Arvin is currently undergoing brain surgery that will be transformative in every possible sense of the word.

Change is a constant. To pull another breath into your lungs is a manifestation of the fluid nature of life. You are breathing new molecules, the variables have reordered themselves. In the wisdom of creation, the human animal lets go of the conscious act of breathing and so we forget how complicated and fragile it is–how fragile life is.

Stumbling along we make clumsy stabs at growing up, being productive, being social, finding love — but the gains we make, and the losses we suffer seem to spring upon us like mystic Jack-In-The-Boxes, separate from ourselves and our actions/inactions. We walk oblivious through the magic of sun rises and sun sets, of touching and being touched, of pain, and joy, and the profound power of true love.

Eric has been gifted with that consciousness. And an epic love of his own with fiancé TJ Klune. So when faced with a choice that would crush most of us, his warrior’s heart only had one cry “Let’s Go! Let’s Go! Let’s Go!” 

For those who haven’t had the honor of meeting Eric in person, this excerpt from Salvatore Sapienza’s lovely foreword to the 2010 edition of Eric’s novel The Rest is Illusion may help:

“As his car pulled into the parking lot, Eric smiled and waved at me, looking every bit the handsome Adonis of his photos. I stood watching from the sidewalk as Eric opened the car door to exit. Though I knew he had brain surgery a few years back, I was still surprised and somewhat startled to see how slowly and feebly Eric exited the car. Walking with a limp and supporting himself with a cane, Eric gingerly made his way over to me. His gait may have been unsteady, but his warmth and charisma were magnetic, and, before the writers’ weekend was over, I came to realize that I was, indeed, truly in the presence of a real–life superhero…”

“Of his condition (cavernous hemangioma), Arvin told Web Digest Weekly, ‘It’s taught me to value the smaller things, to love more deeply the people in my life. I don‟t obsess over things like the perfect body anymore. I was spending way too much time in the gym and forgetting to live.’ 

…Arvin does the same here with The Rest is Illusion, reminding us that the world is ‘still full of magic, light, and beauty, even when things seem too caustic and fitful.’ This may be a lesson Arvin has had to learn the hard way, through his years of illness and its subsequent trials and tribulations; Yet in sharing this wisdom with us, he has become a lighthouse over the waters, a beacon of illumination, an Angel–boy.” 

– Salvatore Sapienza, author of Seventy Times Seven and Gay is a Gift 

  In the face of such love and determination, who are we to doubt? Let’s Go! -LE


To help defray cost associated with Eric’s surgery and extended hospital stay, friends of the couple have established a fund. To donate please click here.

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