The year ahead…

February has all but disappeared. Where has the time gone?

For writers in our genre – Gay Romance fiction – the big “get” was this weekend, GRL2014 (Gay Romance Literary Retreat) held it’s author registration for a very slender number of author and supporting author spots. Not unlike animals in the wild – under the right conditions authors eat their own. The banqueting has already begun, which is unfortunate.


Apart from making plans to attend the convention outside of Chicago in October, I realized today that I barely had a grip on planning for the year.

Planning on attending conferences, workshops, retreats… planing blog tours, marketing events, social media… Planning on what I’ll be writing, when they’ll need to be submitted to publishers, how many words they’ll have to be… Planning on writing at least one full length novel a year – two if you count the series I write with a co-author so I have something for fans to sign at all the conventions I’ve just planned on attending…

It can be overwhelming without adding in real life.

So here are my plans.

I plan to be nice and to continue to be grateful. To help where I can and to ask for help when I can’t. To share honestly and respectfully, and to try my damnedest to become better at my craft as a writer and as a human being. Now more than ever, our society is rocking back and forth on the razor’s edge of ideology.  Arizona and Illinois are the latest examples of two ways forward. Writers, readers, thinkers, commenters… well, we all have a role in this – we all have to decide which side we’re going to stand up for and whether we are vocal or silent in the face of bigotry and injustice.

It’s not a gay thing, or a race thing. Not a gender thing, or and age thing. It’s a human thing. It’s a ‘We the People’ thing.

As for the stuff that doesn’t matter – I’ll be attending the following where you can meet me face-to-face, buy my books, take one of my pens, or commiserate with me on the tumbleweeds rolling past my table.

                       April 17th – 20th     RainbowCon, Tampa FL

                       April 25th – 27th     DreamSpinner Writer’s Weekend, Portland OR

                       Sept 20th                  Gay Romance Northwest Meetup,  Seattle WA

                       Oct 15th – 19th         Gay Romance Literary Retreat, Bloomington IL

                        Nov 7th-9th             Bent-Con, Burbank, CA

Wishing you all happy planning.


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