The Grand Adventures Of A “Last First Kiss” – A RainbowCon Countdown Post By LE Franks

A little background on the writing of Last First Kiss, and an excerpt. The charity anthology Grand Adventures – a benefit for Eric Arvin & TJ Klune is now available at the usual places. It’s a wonderful collection of storytellers and if you haven’t tried any gay romantic fiction, this collection is an excellent place to start, especially since 100% of the profits & royalties are being donated by all parties involved. LE

The Novel Approach

Last First Kiss is probably the most personal story I’ve written to date.

Last summer I got a call, like so many others have gotten before me. An old friend from high school had attempted suicide. Thankfully, he survived and recovered, mostly. But those first few days of helping support his brother and tracking down the rest of our mutual friends was a nightmare.

So I began channeling my feelings into my writing; it’s what we do to cope. I started a story of three friends, closer than brothers, who grow up together, planning their lives after high school…until a kiss tears the trio apart. It takes ten years and a tragedy to bring my MC back home.

I opened it with a funeral scene drawn from a well of painful memories from the services of my grandparents—events fatally flawed by either political infighting amongst church elders (in the case…

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