Halle-frickin-lujah! I’m writing again. A little excerpt from today’s work.

The Fourth Act

excerpt from the very rough draft

He was tall and thin, with a spine rigid like a piece of rebar had been fused with the bone. His features were vulpine, sharp instead of broad, the nose long and aristocratic rather than flat. His eyes a piercing jade under thick sable locks that brushed the collar of his dark shirt—hair I found myself wanting to touch.

I swallowed my tongue as I tried not to drool in front of this dark angel—as beautiful as a renaissance painting—his skin glowed a pearl white, almost translucent in the low light. And not unlike the avenging angels depicted in paintings of the era, he was a man without humor.

There were no smile lines at either the corners of his mouth or eyes, and his skin reaping the benefit of his serious nature was unblemished and smooth. He could pass for any age within a forty year span and I guessed it to be closer to thirty than forty.

He had a controlled energy flowing off him that gave him a gravitas that was written into every movement he made and every look he shared, and when he turned that force in my direction I almost burst into flames.

Softly he condemned me. “You walk like elephant. You will not last.” He snatched the clipboard from my hand and spun lightly, like a dancer, disappearing up the stairs.

I followed, not wanting to risk finding my own way out, not wanting to leave that first impression on his lips. Already I wanted to please him and the fact that I didn’t weighed heavily on my heart. So I kept him in sight, kept watching the slim hips, kept following the flex of his buttocks as he climbed higher. He was a metronome of elegant seduction, and without those hard, damning eyes on me I could lose myself in their motion.

He cast a single look over his shoulder.

“We are now backstage. No words. No sounds….” Ford narrowed his eyes. “Don’t even breathe.”

With that I followed him into the magical chaos of his world and found that breathing wasn’t going to be an issue. If I thought Ford was the angel of darkness, then what I saw before me—suspended twenty feet above the stage from a single red ribbon—was the angel of light. – LE Franks


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One Response to Halle-frickin-lujah! I’m writing again. A little excerpt from today’s work.

  1. elizabetta says:

    Oh my… this is quite the teaser, can’t wait to read more!

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