A Sale and A Sequel: Snow Globe is heating up my summer – What about yours?

LEF_options2Last Summer I wrote a short story in a mad burst of inspiration.

The words gushed from me, which was good–I only had two days from the moment inspiration struck until the submission deadline for Dreamspinner’s Advent Calendar.

The story spun out in front of my eyes, like a movie reel and I raced to capture the scenes as they came to me. I kept sketching out the moments translating them into words on the page but there was so much more I wanted to write. I kept making notes to myself – when I’m done I’ll go back, I’ll add this element, I describe this next action, I’ll follow these characters out the door… but I had no time to do it.

That constraint turned out to be a gift. It kept me focused and provided the framework for what became the voice of the piece. But at the end of the day I had to leave half the story untold, keeping most of the POV in Kris’s head. Leaving much of Tyr’s motivation murky at best.

That decision didn’t go unnoticed.

This Goodreads review from Mandy is representative of a vocal group of readers incensed on behalf of my character Kris.

Tyr apparently has a lot to answer for:

“On the one hand, I LOVED this story.
I love the way the disabilities are handled. The love of a family, the goodness and innocents of Bun.

The sweetheart called Kris, what a wonderful man. Loved Eddie. The snow globes and Kris’ creativity and love of them and his bravery was really fitting to the heartwarmingtheme. I so wished Kris had gotten a better man! one who deserved the treasure he is.

On the other hand, I’m going to rant. You are being warned!
Now Tyr..well, let’s just say, he did NOT grovel enough for me. He did nothing for Kris, it was Bun who invited him, it was Eddie that offered him friendship. Tyr took him to another state for a date. He did nothing to make his life better, he literally threw him under the bus. I have no sympathy for him and honestly Kris forgave him far too easily and quickly for me. Kris and Bun get 5* . Tyr and the town..big fat zero stars.”
– Mandy

Goodreads Review of Snow Globe

I wish I could tell Mandy how much we writers love to see such passion in the reviews they leave, but that’s still a big ‘ouch’ for Tyr.


I hope he doesn’t run into Mandy any time soon–at least not until he has a chance to tell his side of the story…

And that’s the point. Short stories have their limits. This one is told primarily from isolated points of view. These two characters have spent most of their lives living in their heads and at the time of this story they still require the assistance of others to translate for them. Kris’ reluctance is more obviously understandable–verbal tics get in the way of the simplest conversations for him. It’s not surprising he’s developed a talent that allows him to work on his own.

But I promise you, Tyr is not a cad. But that’s another story–one I’m working on now.

If you’d like to catch up with Kris and Tyr and weigh in on Mandy’s impression of the two, I’d love you hear it. You can find Snow Globe on sale right now here: Snow Globe On Sale at All Romance eBooks . Also available for your kindle at Amazon. -LE


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