An Honorable Mention – Can This Be Real and the Rainbow Awards

HonorableMentionMD-1     So this morning was a surprise. An honorable mention for this preliminary stage of judging at the Rainbow Awards. That in and of itself is fantastic – there are so many excellent books being considered that knowing I made the cut is enough. But then I read the judge’s comments...

…they gave me such a thoughtful analysis of my story and kind review of my work that I’m left humbled, grateful, and even a little teary.  

Here is my entry for this year’s Rainbow Awards, and their kind  words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – whoever you are. LE

Can This Be Real

Can This Be Real Cover“Needless to say, I found this book to be a very charming surprise. The standard initial attraction (and understated, witty interactions) between the two main characters set up the story for a thoughtful, but not heavy-handed, exploration of love. These men, who seem incompatible on an essential level, who stand on opposite ends of an issue that is very important to each – for very different reasons – learn how to reach a middle ground for the sake of the love they bear each other. Christian’s cooking for Andy in a way that would get him “kicked out of the CIA” (as his sous chef remarks) and Andy’s learning to cook for Christian seemed very poignant illustrations of love to me. I found the source of the conflict to be original and the execution to be perfect – had it been handled in a more heavy handed way, it would have made me roll my eyes, but the characters reactions were spot on for me. This story was not long, but it was very well-crafted, complete with eccentric but vividly drawn secondary characters and a villain who, in the end, turned out to be flawed but still human. A perfect read.”

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