Fortune Cookie #6: “I’d been dumped. Twice in the space of ten minutes, from relationships I didn’t even know I had.”

Can You Identify These Quotes?


In celebration of my attendance at this year’s Gay Romance Literary Retreat outside of Chicago, IL -I’ve brought swag for everyone in the form of fortune cookies. Inside each cookie is a quote from one of my books. The trick is to identify which book of mine the quote belongs to. Once you have the answer you can come by my swag table, see me at the supporting author signing, or the Thursday edition of the author lounge and fill out your raffle ticket for a chance at walking away with an amazon gift card and some cool swag. 

If you’d like to play along at home comment below and tell me what your favorite fortune cookie moment is. I’ll randomly select one person from all the entries left here. 8 Quotes, 8 chances to win from the comfort of your bunny slippers.




“I wanted you to have something from me. I wanted to see it wrapping around you. If it couldn’t be me… I wanted it to be something. I wanted to watch you across the room and know that some small part of me belonged to you.” He closed his eyes and turned away. It wasn’t the whole story I could tell, but apparently it was all he’d share with me.

“It’s beautiful, thank you.” He nodded but still wouldn’t look at me. I reached out for him, but missed, the door providing cover as he yanked it open leaving without another word.

I’d been dumped. Twice in the space of ten minutes, from relationships I didn’t even know I had.

LE Franks. 6 Days To Valentine Wilde City Press

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