Fortune Cookie #7: “Seeing Christian again quenched some deep thirst in his soul, like a cool drink of water after a hot dusty trek across the Sahara.”

Can You Identify These Quotes?


In celebration of my attendance at this year’s Gay Romance Literary Retreat outside of Chicago, IL -I’ve brought swag for everyone in the form of fortune cookies. Inside each cookie is a quote from one of my books. The trick is to identify which book of mine the quote belongs to. Once you have the answer you can come by my swag table, see me at the supporting author signing, or the Thursday edition of the author lounge and fill out your raffle ticket for a chance at walking away with an amazon gift card and some cool swag. 

If you’d like to play along at home comment below and tell me what your favorite fortune cookie moment is. I’ll randomly select one person from all the entries left here. 8 Quotes, 8 chances to win from the comfort of your bunny slippers.




Exiting the park, he jogged the last few blocks to Christian’s street—turning the corner he stuttered to a halt at the sight of the man in question standing outside his building.

The chef was beautiful. There was no denying it. Seeing Christian again quenched some deep thirst in his soul, like a cool drink of water after a hot dusty trek across the Sahara. He should have been suspicious when the man approached with a large woven basket in one hand and a canvas bag slung across his shoulder, though the details were lost in the face of Christian’s grin and happy wave.

“Come on, Andy, we’re late as it is but I wasn’t sure I could get you to come any earlier.” His smile was brilliant. There was joy radiating from him and Andy could only hope it was due to his presence. How he’d lasted this long without seeing Christian again was a mystery. And now, to be strolling along in the late summer sunshine next to the man haunting his nights—a cloudless blue sky providing an idyllic backdrop to their reunion—well, it was enough to send him into a romantic coma.

“So I’ve been thinking about your problem…” Christian wrapped a hand around his bicep, sliding in next to him, their pace settling into an easy, matched gait. “It’s like a foreign language, you just need the key to translate it.”

Not again… A chill settled over Andy and he prayed he was wrong. Please, please, please, please…

“…so I figured I’d take you with me to the market and we could try it.” Christian’s face was so earnest. Earnest, hopeful, and fucking overstepping. Andy tried to stave off the anger that nipped at his heels. The hounds of outrage bayed so loudly in his head that he almost couldn’t hear the rest of Christian’s plan. It was enough that in the chef’s mind Andy was still a problem to be solved. Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck.

LE Franks. Can This Be Real (Kindle Locations 102-120). MLR Press LLC.

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