Coming Soon: 6 Days to Get Lucky- Sneak Peek

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6 Days to Get Lucky

(at least that’s what Nick’s praying for…)

Scene:  Nick’s in the cold room of the bar, trying to finish his inventory, when he gets interrupted – twice. This is the sequel to 6 Days to Valentine. (links at the bottom if you want to check it out before Lucky releases)


“God. Damn. It!” I threw up my hands. “It’s like the fuckin’ Dead Zone in here.” I dropped down to sit on the stacked cases of beer my head bowed in defeat.

“You know,” I continued. “I used to have sex. Lots and lots of really good sex… in this very room.” I glanced up at them. “You both know that. You were there. But lately…” I trailed off.

FatBoy appeared sheepish, slanting wary looks at Juan, while Juan just rolled his eyes. – LE Franks

6 Days to Get Lucky, Copyright 2016 LE Franks


2012-10-21 10.18.25

I Can’t Believe It’s StillJanuary…

I’m busy writing, I already have one story submitted so far this month and an1016533_281013018718550_1906241013_nother started, and in the middle of all that is the final round of Copy Edits for 6 Days to Get Lucky – due to be released on March 2nd… as long as I don’t dally.


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